Choosing a location on the fly... what all photographers love to do!

I recently shot with the fabulous Kaylee Schwamb for Tiger Friday again in Columbia, SC. Since I live about an hour away, I like to have our locations locked and loaded for our arrival since we both drive from out of town. Well, locked and loaded until you pull up to your location and see that it's literally been demolished. As in, beautiful pillars and archways, gorgeous metal detailing, gone - GONE!

Lauren's mom even text me to see if I was going with a different "vision" for this shoot since all that was left were trees, dirt roads, and metal shipping containers, all enclosed behind a protective fence baring the warning of no trespassing. We had a good laugh, but... No! I do spend a bit of time creeping around buildings and running in and out of traffic for shots, but no fence climbing that day.

Luckily I know the area and we were able to use the gorgeous State Building to capture some incredible shots for this insanely talented dancer. So grateful for my ability to just roll with it and clients that trust me!

And how CUTE is this Cherry red leo on her?!

Happy Friday folks!